As our country continues to get the COVID pandemic under control, it continues to wreak financial havoc on the middle and lower income families in Connecticut. Our Bankruptcy Law Firm represents its clients through 100% remote means. Free consults are over the phone. Review of your bankruptcy...

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This upcoming year, the COVID impact has so many more people filing for bankruptcy. That will entice lawyers who really don't practice bankruptcy law to take advantage of this major bankruptcy client surge.

So, when selecting a bankruptcy lawyer to represent you with your Chapter 7 Fresh Start ...

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3 months ago
Attorney Taub is an excellent attorney. He was always upfront with the process and legal fees. He made the bankruptcy procedure seamless and gave me a lot of options and help me make the right financial decision for my circumstances at the time. He was careful with all the documents prepare and I had absolutely no problems with the court process because of his guidance. I would recommend him to all my friends, family and associates.
- Jamiel B
5 months ago
I had a great experience working with Attorney Paul Taub. He and his paralegal were very professional, kind, informative and understanding throughout the entire process. Filing for bankruptcy can be stressful and confusing at times, especially being a young adult, but Attorney Taub always explained things in terms that were easy to understand which made this a smooth process. I would also like to point out that he and his paralegal are great with responding to any questions or concerns in a timely manner. His bankruptcy services are afforadable and not overly priced. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Attorney Taub!
- Nicole O
10 months ago
Paul Taub..made my bankruptcy procedure painless and and a great price. His staff returned every message and phone call in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.
- Frank B

Get Your Financial Fresh Start Today!

It's difficult making ends meet in this state. The high cost of living in Connecticut is really putting the squeeze on the good people that live here.  But there is a way to make your financial situation a whole lot better.  If you are drowning in debt, with nothing left over at the end of the month for the kids, retirement, vacation, college tuition, or just yourself, then it's time to break the chains of unsecured debt that make life miserable, that prevent you from saving for you and your family's future, that constantly put you behind the financial eight ball!

Stop paying for the past and start focusing on your future!  When you file for Personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you can 100% get rid of all your unsecured debts (student loans, dso's, and taxes excepted), refinance your underwater car so that you are no longer underwater and save thousands in the process, and eliminate the constant headaches and hardships you endure every day of your life because your income just can't support all of that debt you've accumulated over the years.

Whether it's from job loss, unexpected medical issues and costs, divorce, living on credit cards when things were tough, being under the thumb of hefty student loan payments, or whatever the reason may be... if you are eligible to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Laws, you can give yourself a financial fresh start, a do-over, so to speak!  Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to 100% discharge all of your old unsecured debts, with certain exceptions, walk away from homes that are upside down and have become financially unaffordable, get rid of most lawsuits, wage garnishments, payday and personal loans, and the constant harassment by debt collectors.  It will also get you out of time-share money pits, contracts that you no longer wish to be a part of, old utility bills, payday loans, and just about every other type of unsecured debt you can think of!  And the debts discharged in bankruptcy do not constitute "forgiveness of debt" taxable income, that you would have to deal with if you used those scammy debt consolidation companies or debt settlement companies.

You may have made some financial mis-steps in your past, but the past is the past.  Now you have an opportunity to take back control over your finances and do things the right way, from the beginning.  Stop learning from your financial mistakes the hard way.  As a personal finance expert, I can take you through the bankruptcy process and guide you to a better credit score, and a life of possibilities and financial freedoms.  So stop paying for the past and focus on the future!  Personal bankruptcy is your one and only chance to get yourself out of debt hell, once and for all!  And keep your stuff in the process.  Most bankruptcy filers get to keep their car, keep their house or apartment, and keep their possessions!  

There is an old myth about bankruptcy that only those who are absolutely penniless are able to file for bankruptcy.  That couldn't be farther from the truth!  Protect the assets you do have, including your home, your car, and especially your retirement accounts by protecting them with a bankruptcy filing!  After you file, you will have much more money to afford the things in life that matter now and into the future!  

If you are at a point where you have to dip into your retirement to meet your monthly living expenses, STOP!  Never take money from your retirement account and use it to pay unsecured bills.  File bankruptcy instead!  You will be so happy you did!

Learn about all the great things filings for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can do for you and your family. Eliminate 100% of the eligible unsecured debt, re-finance that underwater car, and start living life the way it was meant to be lived!  You will not believe how good it feels to become debt-free!

Make your appointment for a free, over-the-phone initial consultation with one of our bankruptcy professionals.  Just click on the Make Appointment link to get started!  You'll be super glad you did! 

Best Wishes for a Live Filled With Promise and Lived with a Minimum of Debt.

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